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All programs are monitored by our club pro to ensure fairness.

Rules of Conduct

Rules for using the courts

  • The courts are meant for playing tennis. NO other activity is permitted. 
  • Proper shoes and attire must be worn at all times. 
  • The court gates must be kept closed while you play.                  
  • Members have priority for court use.                     
  • Ensure that you close the courts' gate when you leave.                  
  • With our increasing membership there have been times when all the courts are busy. Please be patient and be courteous to other members.  
  •  When courts are full, players must vacate the courts promptly, on the hour or half hour without being asked to do so, provided they have played 30 minutes.
  • If a court becomes free before the regular time, players are entitled to use this time as a bonus.  Players must have been waiting 30 minutes before asking others to vacate. 


Round Robins

Round Robins at Cambridge Tennis Club

A key feature of recreational round robins  at Cambridge Tennis Club is the rotation of the players after each match. We  organize doubles round robins over the course of two hours (two and a half on  Sundays). After each round, players change courts and play with a new partner,  or with the same partner, against new opponents, depending on the format suggested  by the convener. 


Some round robins use a King/Queen of the Court format, with  players moving up one court if they win a round, and down one court if they  lose the round. Other round robins use a mathematical formula to rotate  partners, and you will know all of your partners, opponents and court  assignments in advance from the schedule sheet. Regardless of the format, round  robins allow members to intermingle and get to know each other. Using different  round robin formats adds variety throughout the season.


Normally you will change partners after  each round. If the King/Queen of the Court formats is used, partners similarly  are split up and play against each other after each round when they move to  their next court. In a fixed-partner round robin, you will play with the same  partner for the entire event, such as a team in the club championship  tournament.

Pool  Play

In competitive events, such as club  championships with a large number of players, the competition might be divided  into pool play. For example, in an event with 16 singles players, the tournament  organizers might create four pools of four players each. Each player will play  the other three players in his pool. The winner of each pool will move to a  playoff of the four pool winners. The same principles can apply to doubles play.


Competitive round robins use a scoring system that ensures everyone plays the same type  of match, which could include best-of-three sets or a single Pro Set, which is  an extended set played to eight or 10 games. In weekly recreational round  robins, players play for a specific time, usually a half hour, with whoever is  leading when time is called the winner. Another format requires each player to  serve twice in a doubles round robin, with a short tiebreak if they get to four  games all. Other round robin formats include single sets, the use of no-ad  scoring and rounds consisting of a tiebreak or tiebreaks. The goal of many  recreational round robins is to have most players finish about the same time so  everyone can rotate frequently and meet more people. 

Round Robin Contacts

To join a round robin group, contact a convener below. Or take a chance and be at the courts ten minutes before the event and register with the convener. He or she will try to fit you in. 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 - 11 am 

Ed May, email:

Sundays 9 -11.30 am Brad Kachuik, email:


Tuesdays  (Ladder matches) 7 -9.00 pm.  Bruce De La Cruz, email:                  

Free Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons have been a staple at Cambridge Tennis Cub for many years and has derived a loyal following of club members, including players at all skill levels from beginner to advanced intermediate. Typically all courts are used, with participants grouped according to ability. The coach at each court conducts the training, usually a different aspect of instruction each week, from practicing ground strokes and volleys, to overheads and strategies for match play. On one court, the ball machine is used.The training is fast paced, with the focus on participants moving around without waiting to hit. After an hour of instruction, teams are made up and play begins, capping an enjoyable evening.                  

All courts are reserved for these very popular Thursday night sessions. Whether you’re new to the club or a seasoned member, a good time is guaranteed and all members are welcomed. 

If you enjoy virtual tennis instruction, there are numerous online coaches you can consider.President’s choice (Tom Avery): 


Singles Ladder

Singles Tennis Ladder Rules

1. REGISTRATION PROCESS / INITIAL RANKINGS – Interested in signing-up for a ladder? Just sign up at the club house or call/text 226-929-0982. 

2. RANKINGS – After registering you will be ranked on the ladder by the club professional.

3. CHALLENGING – You may challenge a player ranked within your box. The top 2 players with the most points move up to the next box and the bottom 2 players with the least points move down a box. 

4. IF YOU ARE CHALLENGED – You have 2 options:                  

  • ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE – You have 7 days from time of being challenged to play the match.
  • DECLINE THE CHALLENGE – Instead of accepting the challenge, you may decline the Challenge and forfeit the match. This is the option you should choose if you cannot accept the challenge due to illness, vacation, busy schedule, etc. Although you forfeit matches you decline, this process will keep the ladder moving and allow players to participate in more matches. This option is also the default if you do not respond to a challenge within 48 hours.

5. MATCH RULES – ONE SET – All challenge matches must be played to a full set with a seven-point tiebreaker played if any set is tied at 5-5, one deuce will be played with the second deuce sudden death. Players will spin a racquet or flip a coin to determine the initial serve or side of the court.  

6. AFTER EVERY MATCH – After every challenge match, the winner must report the score to the clubhouse and/or James at Scores must be entered within 48 hours of the challenge being played or else the players will remain in the same ladder positions. Both players may challenge immediately after any match scores are reported but not before.

7. EQUIPMENT, COURTS AND WEATHER – Both players are responsible for bringing a new tin of tennis balls to the match, with the winner taking the new tin to their next match. If inclement weather does not permit a match to be played, you need to play the rescheduled match within 72 hours.


Ladder tennis is a great way to play as much tennis as you want. Play a pro set, record the score, and move on!


Team Tennis

Team Tennis Rules and Procedures

The following rules and procedures are  intended to make Team Tennis run as smoothly and efficiently as possible so  that it is enjoyable for everyone involved. The success of team tennis depends  on each player being present or having someone else stand in for them! It is  solely the player’s responsibility. Please do not rely on leaving a message –  make sure your replacement is arranged.

Player  assessment and teams

At the beginning of each season each  player’s skill level is assessed.   Players are encouraged to notify the team tennis coordinator if they  have a preference of being on the same team.

Team  captains

At the start of the season, each team is  required to have a captain. If nobody from the team volunteers to be the  captain, team tennis coordinator will appoint a member of that team. Captain’s  responsibilities include these four tasks regarding match score sheet:

  • Entering team players’ names
  • Assigning each player with a  number based on their group skill level, as discussed with the team
  • Recording scores of each match

Leaving the score sheet in the  designated folder in the clubhouse after the match.



At the start of each match, players will be  assigned a number based on their group skill level:

  • Intermediate (numbers 4, 5  & 6) 
  • Advanced (numbers 1, 2 &  3)


  • Beginner (5,6)
  • Novice (3,4)
  • Intermediate (1,2) 

This should be team decision. It is  recommended that, every match or so, each player floats one number up and one  down within their group skill level. Players should not expect to stay at one  number all season. This is to ensure team bonding and fairness of play.

Game  Rules
  • Each set will consist of the  first team to 6 games. 
  • All deuces will be sudden  death.
  • A standard 7-point tie-breaker  will be played at 5 games all. 

View Schedule

Team tennis runs on Mondays and Wednesdays. View team schedules by clicking the button below.